BA in Economics in Lok Mahavidyalaya Wardha, Admission, Future Scope 2024

08-Jul-2024 12:05 AM

Lok Mahavidyalaya BA in Economics Admission 2024

Lok Mahavidyalaya is Private Institute. Lok Mahavidyalaya is Located Wardha State of Maharashtra India. This university is Established in 1987. Lok Mahavidyalaya is Approved by NAAC. Bachelor of Arts in Economics is a 3-year degree program pursued by students who wish to become a major in banking or finance or other major corporate industries. Admission in BA economics is based on Eligibility or admission cut off in 12th. Many colleges consider CUET scores for admission in BA Economics. BA Economics eligibility criteria In this section, students have to read CUET, SUAT if they have to give an entrance exam or cut of marks with humanities or arts stream with 12th, it is necessary to get 50% marks. In this university, Many facilities are available for the students for their accommodation, food, sleep and gym etc.

Highlights of Lok Mahavidyalaya

Institute Name
Lok Mahavidyalaya Wardha
Established Year
Approved By
Wardha, Maharashtra India 442 001
[email protected]
Official Website

Application Process of BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

It is always advisable to visit the website for details regarding the process for applying to the Bachelor of Economics programme.

  • Go to the website and register as an applicant.
  • You should include your name, date of birth and phone number along with any other documents.
  • Now you will receive a notification on your registered email ID from where you will have to verify your identity. Access your login credentials.
  • You will not have to go to your official website again or login using the credentials received from your email address. You can also change the password if needed.
  • Moving ahead you will have to upload all the educational details. Relevant documents justifying the same.
  • It is very important to upload documents in the prescribed format along with the application form.
  • Look carefully at the entire pattern again to see if there is any need to make any changes in it.
  • After getting complete satisfaction about the details you can proceed with the application fee.

Highlights of BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

Name of the Course
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Course Level
Course Duration

3 years

Course Mode
Regular / Full time
Course Eligibility Criteria
Class 12th Board exams with 50% aggregate marks
Course Admission Process
Merit Based / Entrance Exams
Areas of Employment
Government / Private Banks, Finance & Banking Sectors, Trade Markets

Why Study BA in Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

What should you do in BA Economics? There are many factors behind this, some important points are given below for reference.

Versatile Career Options

An economics degree allows you to get a job in various industries or sectors. This opens the door to a wide range of roles. An economics pass gives you the opportunity to work in private academic settings such as business or government sector or academia. h

Strong Foundational Knowledge

By expanding the scope of an economics degree, it can lay the foundation for highly competitive jobs. An economics program can help you reduce poverty or address the problem of resource management.


In the subject of Economics, you will need to demonstrate that you employ critical thinking skills in leading thought provoking activities in your programme. 

What challenges will you face during the program. Educate your society about world economics or how it impacts business or global.

Eligibility criteria of BA in Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

Students who want to take admission in BA in Economics courses will have to fulfill the written requirements.

Students should have cleared 12th class with minimum marks of 50% or CGPA .

student must have be clear 12th class  any recognized board

Admission Process of BA in Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

Admission to BA Economics program is done on both merit and entrance basis. some many.

Step 1:

Students can apply online or offline on the college related website.

Step 2:

As per students' needs, students will have to clear an entrance exam to be accepted into the program.

Step 3:

Apart from this, if required, students will have to sit in the counseling process in seat allocation.

Step 4:

Once the merit list is published, students will have to submit documents for verification.

Documents Required of BA in Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

  • Class X and XII mark sheets along with the passing certificates
  • Migration and Character Certificate
  • Caste certificate (OBC/SC/ ST) (if applicable)
  • Proof of Residence
  • Entrance Exam Admit Card
  • Entrance Exam Fee Receipt
  • Entrance Exam Score Card
  • 12 Colored Passport-sized Photographs
  • Medical Certificate

Scholarship of BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

Students pursuing Bachelor of Arts program get many types of scholarships from government or private institutions. About some scholarships for BA Economics program below:

Scholarships will be awarded based on the above criteria at the discretion of the admission or scholarship committee.

scholarship will be depend on course fee.

Syllabus of BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

Semester I

Semester II

Evolution and definition of Economics

Nature & Scope of Economics

Methods of Economics Analysis

Inductive & Deductive Logic, Merit and Demerits.

Utility Demand, Supply

Commodities and their types

Value and Price


Administered and Non- Administered Prices

Demand- Supply equilibrium.

Cardinal (Marshal) and Ordinal Utility

Approaches to Demand

Indifference Curve: Consumer equilibrium (Hichs & Slutsky)

Price, Income and Substitution effects

Derivation of Demand Curve.

Elasticity of Demand

Price, Income and Cross elasticity

Consumer Surplus and its measurement.

Factors of Production and their Characteristics

Laws of Production

Returns to Factor and Return to Scale

Law of Variable Proportion

Isoquants Nature and their Characteristics

Producers equilibrium

Economies of Scale

Different Concepts of Costs Explicit & Implicit

Accounting, Opportunity, Total fixed and Variable Costs

Marginal & Average Costs & their relationship

Concept of Revenue

Total, Marginal & Average Revenue

Break Even Point

Concept and Classification

Perfect Competition Characteristics

Price and Output Determination for Firm and Industry

Market Equilibrium

Characteristics and Price- Output Determination

Price Discrimination

Monopolistic Competition

Characteristics Price- Output Determination

Factor Pricing

Theory of Marginal Productivity of Distribution

Concept of Adding up Theorem

Theories of Wages and Rent: Classical and Modern.

Interest: Concept, Classical and Keynesian Theories of Interest

Profit: Net and Gross

Theories of Profit.



Semester III

Semester IV

Structure of Indian Economy - Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sectors

Natural Resources, Land, Water, Forest

Mineral Resources.

Demographic Features

Population, Size, Sex, Rural-Urban Classification

Population Distribution

Recent National Population Policy.

Agriculture: Nature and Importance

Land Use Pattern

Trends in Agriculture Production and Productivity

Cropping Pattern.

Land Reforms: Green Revolution

Rural Credit

Agricultural Marketing


Small Scale and Cottage Industries- Meaning, Importance and Problems

Major Industries in India: Iron and Steel, Textile, Sugar, Cement, Automobiles

Infrastructure of Indian Economy

Irrigation, Power, Transport, Communication

Banking and Insurance.

Human Infrastructure of Indian Economy

Health, Nutrition, Education, Knowledge and Skills

Housing and Sanitation.

Planning in India- Objectives, Types, Strategy

Analysis of Current Five- Year Plan.

Economy- Land, land Utilization Pattern

Natural Resources- Forest, Water & Mineral

Agro-Climatic Zones

Demographic Features of M.P.

Agricultural Situation in Economy

Cropping Pattern

Production and Productivity of Main Corps,

Sources of Credit in Agriculture, Irrigation

Semester V

Semester VI

Macro Variables- Stock and Flow

Circular Flow of income

Concept of National Income- GDP, GNP

Measurement of National Income and Social Accounting in India

National Income and Economic Welfare

Classical Theory of Employment

Keynesian Theory of Employment

Aggregate Demand and Supply Functions

Effective Demand

Consumption Function

Factors Affecting Consumption

Average and Marginal propensities to consume

Simple Investment

Saving Function & Sources of Saving Mobilization

Investment Function

Marginal Efficiency of Capital

Factors Affecting Capital Formation

Concept of Accelerator.

Public, Private and Merits Goods

Market and State- Role and Functions

Principle of Maximum Social Advantage

Sources of Revenue- Taxes, Loans, Grants and Aids

Canons of Taxation

Principles of Public Expenditure

Principles of Public Debt and Methods of Redaction

Wagener’s Law- Increasing Activities

Effects of Public Expenditure on Production and Distribution.

Public Finance in India

Concept and Types of Budget

Fiscal Deficit

Deficit Financing and Deficit Budget.

Constitution and Function of Finance Commission

Recommendation of Latest Finance Commission

Latest Budget

The stock of Money and its Measures

Cash Transaction and Cash Balance Approaches.

Inflation, Deflation, and Recession

Demand-Pull and Cost-Push Inflation

Bank- Meaning and Types

Objectives and Limitations of Monetary Policy.

Popular Entrance Exams of BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

Students who want to do BA in Economics must appear for the examination prescribed for the program. Lok Mahavidyalaya the admission process is done on the basis of an interview.

Exam Name

  • CUET
  • NPAT

Career Options after BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

Students who have completed the study of BA in Economics or are looking for jobs in the private or public sector. They need to know what kind of jobs are available to them.

We have listed some of the top career options for BA Economics students. Below we have listed some of the top career options after BA in Economics in the private or government sector.

  • Finance and Budget Analyst
  • Banker
  • Market Analyst
  • Economist
  • Business or Economic Writer/ Journalist
  • Investment Administrator and Analyst
  • Sales Executive or Analyst
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Manager

Placement of BA in Economics From Lok Mahavidyalaya

Today, for good reason, most academic exercises Practice are also industry facing. It is much the same at Sunrise University. The career services cell here spares no effort in bringing industry opportunities to the students of all the six schools. These opportunities come by way of internships, workshops, placement camps and such other. The cell also enables students to attend summer schools in various partner universities abroad to help them gain international exposure. Besides, the cell also organises various innovative programs to encourage students to come up with novel ideas for entrepreneurship.

Facilities of BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya


Lok Mahavidyalaya Also provide the best Hostel facilities for students. And the Rooms is also cleaned thoroughly. Best Food facility is also available in the Hostel.


Arrangements for gym have also been made for the students in Sunrise University and in this, students can also take care of their health by doing exercises.


Library has two air-conditioned reading rooms with many students. And Many books related to study have also been provided in the library.


Lok Mahavidyalaya Available Facilities: Badminton Court|Basketball Court|Cricket Ground|Football Ground|Tennis Court.

Medical/ Hospital

Medical facilities are available 24 hours at. And the library is also cleaned thoroughly.

wifi campus

wifi Also installed everywhere in the college campus. students are good study through in wifi.

Job Profiles Completed BA Economics at Lok Mahavidyalaya

The most interesting part of BA in Economics course is the job profile that comes with it after completing the program.

Job AreaJob Description
Investment Banker
Investment bankers also act as sales advisors to big corporations and help their clients make millions of rupees. They are responsible for creating stacks, issuing brands, and creating buzz for company acquisitions.
Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst is responsible for compiling spreadsheets to present information about potential events or writing reports or reviews on all relevant legal information.

Stock Broker

A stock broker is a professional trader. Who buys or sells shares from clients. A stock broker is also known as a registered investor or investment advisor.

An auditor is responsible for reviewing the accounts of companies and organizations to ensure their financial record validity and legality.